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BC Drama Association

East Kootenay Drama Festival


*held at Mount Baker High School, Cranbrook*

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Do you have this poster?  If so, would you like to share it with us?  We'd also love to see your photos, too.

Cranbrook Community Theatre's


Excerpts from ‘Beyond the Fringe’

(a series of short sketches)

Material written by Alan Bennet, Peter Cook, Johathon Miller and Dudley Moore

Directed by Phil Foster

(1) One Leg Too Few

Cast: Phil Foster & Terry Green

(2) Take a Pew

Cast: Roger Oliver

(3) The Royal Box

Cast:  Terry Green, Bud Abbott & Phil Foster

(4) Portraits from Memory

Cast:  Terry Green

(5) Sitting on the Beach

Cast:  Bud Abbott

(6) The Great Train Robbery

Cast:  Phil Foster & Terry Green

(7) End of the World

Cast:  Terry Green, Roger Oliver, Bud Abbott, Phil Foster and Alan With



Brent Catserellis … Lighting Effects

Award Winner.jpg

Adjudicator’s Award of Merit:    

Excerpts from ‘Beyond the Fringe’,

Cranbrook Community Theatre

Award Winner.jpg

Best Speech and Diction: 

Shared by Terry Green of CCT and Hazel Dahlke of Lake Windermere Players

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