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Special  Performances

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All dramatic and/or musical productions found here consisted of 4 performances or less and they generally occurred after 1980.

Prior to 1980, many of the standard CCT productions were often very short ( 1 - 3 or 4 performances only). 

You can find those by looking into each of those decades here on our Gallery. 

4th Annual Chautauqua Poster - 2019.jpg
Chautauqua  poster 2018.jpg
pooster 1.jpg
Sam Steele Chautauqua finalposter.png
Spamalot poster .jpg
1991 - Dec- Wham right out of the Blue poster.jpg
The Adventures of Wham Goes the Ducks_edited.jpg
2003 Studio-Stage Door Days .jpg
2002 Studio-Stage Door Days .JPG
2015 Young Frankenstein Gala Fundraiser.
1981 My three Angels poster .JPG
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