Bud's Bench
a tribute to volunteerism past, present, and future

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The man & his mission

January 26th, 1921 to January 30th, 2019

About Bud Abbott

In the latter months of 2021, multiple partners embarked on a new project fittingly named “Bud’s Bench” to pay tribute to volunteerism past, present and future. In 2022, their efforts were realized.

Mr. Bud Abbott set the example of what one person can do to make a community better by volunteering.

With the blessing of the Abbott family, a modern art public bench, with room for at least 2 adults to sit beside ‘Bud’, was designed and created by local artist Paul Reimer. The bench is six feet in length with a galvanized gray finish and a contrasting black cast iron life-sized outline representation of Bud playing his trombone. 

This attractive bench, a symbol to proudly mark the many accomplishments of volunteers, has enriched the City-owned property known as the Studio Stage Door heritage building with a contemporary element, and is destined to become a popular place for photos, arouse cultural curiosity and inspire others to volunteer.

Project Lead:

  • Cranbrook Community Theatre Society, represented by Peter Schalk, President

Supporting Partners:

  • Cranbrook & District Arts Council, represented by Yvonne Vigne, President  

  • Key City Theatre Society, represented by Galen Olstead, Managing Director


Contributing Partners:

  • City of Cranbrook, represented by Councilor Ron Popoff

  • Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce, Represented by Helen Baron, Executive Director

  • Rotary Club of Cranbrook, represented by Leanne Jensen

  • Regional District of East Kootenay, Electoral Area C, represented by Director Rob Gay

 Volunteer Opportunities