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2018 Abbott Awards

The inaugural event hosted by Cranbrook Community Theatre at the Key City theatre, Cranbrook BC

with Trevor Lundy, Master of Ceremonies


Lifetime Achievement: Bud Abbott

Volunteer of the Year: Kevin Higgins

Favourite Production: 'The Producers' Galen Olstead, Producer

Favourite Director: Paul Kershaw for 'A View from the Bridge'

Favourite Set Design: Kirsten Taylor for 'The Producers'

Favourite Actress: Michelle McCue in 'A View from the Bridge'

Favourite Actor: Alexander Gilmour in 'The Sunshine Boys'

Favourite Supporting Actress: Emily Bohmer in 'The Producers'

Favourite Supporting Actor: David Booth in 'The Producers'

Favourite Newcomer: Nicole Jung in 'Plaza Suite'

Favourite Costumes: Joanne Wilkinson for 'The Producers'

Favourite Poster: Sioban Staplin for 'The Producers'


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