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Summary: pantomime/spoof; musical  

CCVT has been unable to locate a synopsis of this version of the Cinderella Pantomime except to know it was published in 1944 via Samuel French Company. 

In general, this is a rags to riches story, the first literary version of Cinderella in Europe was Giambattista Basile’s Pentamerone (1634), with other popular versions including the Brothers Grimm’s darker retelling. In their version, the stepsisters cut off their own toes to fit into the glass slipper! 


Cinderella- the most popular pantomime story owes its popularity to Perrault. Either Charles or Pierre Perrault retold this already ancient tale in “Histories ou Contes du temps passé”, published in Paris in 1697. It was developed by a series of productions in the 1800s and has become increasingly popular in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Christmas show .jpg

CINDERELLA, a Pantomime

Written by P. H. Adams and Conrad Carter

Directed by Fred Cawte     1969

(3 performances only)

*held at Wildhorse Theatre, Ft. Steele


Debbie Skelton ..… Cinderella                   Brent Carver … Buttons

Val Salmon …..……. Fairy Godmother       Joan Arlt .......… Prince Charming

Maurice MacKay … Baron Hangover

Cliff Owen ..........… Baroness Hangover

Janet Littlejohn .…. Hortense Hangover

Pat Townsend ....… Ermyntrud Hangover



Cathy Dresler                    Diane Douglas

Bronwyn Jones                  Laverne Atchison

Christine Tengum             June Cawte

Diana Wiznowich             Patricia Clarke 



Patricia Clarke … Choreography           Louise Stropky ….  Make-up

Bob Little, Bud Abbot & Dennis Doyle …………………………. Stage Crew

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