Productions found on this page are deemed Special Perfomances by fact the performances ran 3 times or less. 

They include a series of 'Chautauquas',  Sam Steele Musical Revues, theatrical and musical works to keep the community entertained and involved. 

Special Note:  prior to the 1980s, CCT often presented very short productions of 3 shows or less.  If it is not here, anything prior to 1980 that fits this  description is filed on this Gallery as a regular production.  Please go to those years or decades to find them.

2018 Chautauqua

2019 Chautauqua

2016 Chautauqua

2016 Young Frankenstein

2015 Chautauquqa

2005 An Evening with Bud Abbott, Doreen Brown & Jim Cameron

2001 Theatre a GoGo

2003 2nd Annual Studio Stage Door Days

2002 Studio Stage Door Days

1986 Sam Steele Musical Revue

1985 Sam Steele Muscial Revue

1977 Aria de Capo


Wham Go the Ducks (1) - year not yet known

Wham Go the Ducks (2) - year not yet known

Wham Go the Ducks (3) - year not yet known

Wham Go the Ducks (4) - year not yet known

Wham Go the Ducks (5) - year not yet known

Special Events still in Research, posts pending:

1977 The Real Inspector Hound  (filed in the 1970s on the Gallery)

1973 An Evening of One Acts

1977 Red Riding Hood  (a pantomime)

1977 Crazy Horse Revue

1978 The Laboratory (filed in the 1970s on the Gallery)

1974 Aladdin (a pantomime)

1972 Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Momma’s Hung you in the Closet and I’m Feeling Sad

1970 My Fair Lady

1981 My Three Angels

1988 Paper Bag Princess and Other Stories

1998 Before Breakfast

2003 First Annual Christmas Celebration

2004 Second Annual Christmas Celebration

The Lion Who Wouldn't  (year yet unknown)

2017 (?) Spamalot

2018  The Producers (jointly produced with Key City Theatre)

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